About Me

There’s not to much worthwhile to say about me, but I’ll share a few things.  I love the Lord and try to make it more about Him than about me. I am sixty-one years old and have shamefully done very little for the Lord.  I have wasted most of my life.

I am married to my wife of 31 years, have six daughters, and four grandchildren at last count.  I am still actively self-employed, like to work with my mind, but my hands bring in the income. I fix, paint, assemble, install and build just about anything.

I am part of the local assembly called the First Apostolic Church of Biddeford, in Biddeford, Maine. I love the Church.

Our overseer, some call pastor, some call David, I call friend.  God has given him a great gift as a teacher. This elder has learned much from the younger.

God called me at a young age to lead, to teach and to preach and perhaps evangelize in some form. I am anxious to see what the Lord has for me in the future.  Where He leads me, I will follow.

I was baptized in Jesus’ name on May 15, 1976 and filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance, on June 20, 1977.

I greatly desire a closer walk with my Lord,  for its not about religion, it’s about a covenant relationship.

For those of you that may recognize my name on the web, but cannot recall from where. . . You may know me from the Apostolic Network (www.apostolic.net) which still exists today.  I created this domain and website in the mid-nineties with the help of Brother John Lent who contacted me wanting to help.  I had already began such works but in those days did not have the funds to register domain names, etc. which Brother Lent helped with.

I had already created this site (www.apostolic-voice.org) which expired at one point (1995-1996) and was re-registered in 1997. It is probably the oldest registered Apostolic Pentecostal domain in existence.

From this work I created ‘The Good News Cafe‘ (an Apostolic Pentecostal Discussion Forum, still in existence), The Apostolic Friends Network ( a site where single Apostolic Pentecostals could meet). This domain is no longer in existence apparently, but the concept has been copied a few times. A prayer network (created about the same time as the World Network of Prayer), a National Directory of Apostolic Pentecostal Churches on the web.

I hosted domains and created Church and Ministry websites through the late 90′s. I eventually sold the Apostolic Network to Brother Ren Rutledge and Brother John Atkinson in about 2001.  The only sites that I continued to maintain were the ‘Apostolic-Voice’ (this site) and the ‘Apostolic Pentecostal Churches o the World Wide Web’, the latter I eventually let go.

Through the early 2000′s I became a licensed minister in the United Apostolic Church International (UACI). In a short period I became a Board Member, then General Secretary, then because of events I was cast into the role by majority vote as General Superintendent.  This was a short-lived organization.  I do not believe the Lord was in it. It was simply a work of the flesh built on a poor foundation of men which quickly collapsed.

I still do a little on the web with my own personal business and some networking, in addition to this site.  My work for the Lord, my family, my local assembly and work in general keeps me most occupied these days.

Every once in a while I have time to post something here, something that I would like to do a lot more of. Perhaps in the future as the Lord would lead or allow.

The meaning, or my definition of the name “Apostolic Voice” simply means that I merely see this website as just one more voice in the sea of deception and false doctrine regarding who Jesus is and true salvation. It’s the same message that the Apostles preached in the Book of Acts, which is the History of the Church.  The Church is the same Church today.

In His Service,

Stan Hallett