Don’t be Foolish!

©2011 Stan Hallett

You know what is sad? I went to and clicked on the “Most Viewed” link. Do you know that all the top video clips listed were entertainment related? Not preaching, not testimonies, not a good teaching. But rather comedy, singing, or children imitating adults.

Out of the top 30 videos that are viewed I counted just 4 preaching messages, which for the most part appeared in the last 10. Is this an indication of the spiritual condition of the Church? Do we desire entertainment more than the Word of God?

Matthew 22:1-13 is not referring the world, it is referring to the Church. I believe that the ratio is probably pretty accurate. Perhaps half of those that once obeyed the Gospel as it was preached unto us from the beginning, now have lamps void of oil, and are just hanging on.

Remember how you felt when you first obeyed the Gospel and were filled with the Holy Ghost? Remember how on fire you were, and how much you loved God?

The wise virgins are diligent and walk with the Lord daily. They pray daily, they worship Him daily, They die daily to their will, and seek His.

The foolish virgins wander off, fall away, seek pleasures of the world and seek to be entertained more than they seek the joy of the Lord.

Seek the Lord while He yet may be found. Don’t be one of the foolish ones. Your eternity is at stake, the Bridegroom is coming.

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