Sharing the Light

luminaidI have never promoted any products on this site for the 21 years that I have been doing this. . . . Until now!

I have been introduced to something that not only helps me raise funds here, but can help you, and help you to help others in more ways than one.

“Give a light, Get a Light” program allows you to give the gift of light to some underprivileged person in the world, while you get one for yourself at the same time.

You can just buy one for yourself and help this ministry at the same time with your purchase.

They also make great gifts, and you can get

I’m excited about these lights. They are great for mission trips, for camping or power failures! They can help others around the world with the .

You or your church can also use them as great fundraisers. You can order them imprinted with any name or slogan that you would like! They can be imprinted to promote your church, business or organization. At the same time they can help this work on the web!

How about imprinted lights that say “Jesus is the Light”? I like that!