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stanhallett2The Apostolic Voice is the oldest Apostolic Pentecostal website on the web, and was created and online very soon after the Internet went public access.

Prior to 1994 the Internet was text based only.  Then in 1994 we finally had the ability to add images. Remember Netscape Navigator? At that time it was a regular website where I posted a lot of tracts and Biblical subject studies.

A couple of years ago the website was converted to a WordPress based site which offered a lot of advantages to me as well as the reader.

We have had amazing growth in traffic each and every year over the years.  Currently we are getting close to 50,000 views per year and growing.  This site has grown into an amazing and powerful tool to reach people with Biblical truth.

I was looking at all of my posts and noticed that I have posted 53 posts, plus other pages and articles. However, I also noted that I currently have 48 more posts in the works, with little time to dedicate to them.

This is where  need your help.  I need to spend more time and focus on writing and reaching people online rather than working outside the home to pay the bills and expenses. Will you help?

Would you be willing to contribute, even as little as little as one dollar a month? Or perhaps you would consider a one time offering if this work has blessed you in some way. If just 100 people supported this site with just $25 per month, I would be able to commit to the web ministry full time.

Please help me reach souls and preach Biblical truth while we are able.

In His Service,



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