©2011 Stan Hallett

Once I stood alone, my life empty and bleak,
No time for God, nor Him did I seek.

Seeking what pleasures the world had to offer,
I was full of pride, I was a fool and a scoffer.

It was to life’s pleasures that I paid homage,
I had been deceived, and I was in bondage.

Liar, thief, and deceitful in all my ways,
Pursuit of worldly pleasures filled my days.

The lust of the eye and lust of the flesh
Only satisfied for a moment, fleeting at best.

Then He softly called me and knocked on my door,
He told me of the promises that He had in store.

But through rebellion and pride for years I reproved,
How foolish I was, and in deception, unmoved.

All that I had to do was repent, get washed of my sin,
Then He promised that His Spirit would fill me within.

Through His Grace and Mercy by His blood we were bought,
It is because of His great Love for us that we are sought.

When it finally hit home, when it finally got through,
When truth was realized, what else could I do?

Because of Love overwhelming I gave in to His Will,
He kept His promise and with His Spirit I was filled.

Now I’m a warrior for Jesus, sharing the good news,
I’m a soldier, a minister, not just sitting in pews.

I stand on the battlefield, with this sword in my hand,
Standing on His promises and obeying His command.

Satan’s been defeated and he knows what’s in store,
He may occasionally win a battle, but he’s lost the war.

So this is my life, and this is my sword,
I’m a front line warrior for Jesus my Lord.

Searching for the captive and setting them free,
Laying up treasures in heaven for all eternity.

What this world has to offer, there’s not much to that,
But here on the battlefield, now that’s where it’s at.

This is where you belong if you carry His name,
In the family of God, you’ll never be the same.

My heart is bursting with joy, I cannot sit still,
My pleasure is now in Him, and doing His will.

Perhaps you’ve tried it your way, but failed in disgrace,
After all the world had to offer, perhaps fell on your face.

You may think that in this life that you have the rule,
If so, you’ve been duped, you’ve been lied to and fooled.

In truth, in this life there is no middle ground,
In this there is no compromise that can be found.

You must choose this day who to put your trust in;
You’re either a servant of Jesus, or a slave to sin.

So if you’re here today and you hear His call,
Why don’t you answer? It’s God after all!

You think it’s by accident that you sit in that pew?
It’s not you that chose God, but it’s God that chose you!

So why not repent of your will and turn to His way,
And be baptized for the remission of your sins today?

Then His promise to fill you with His Spirit is sure,
If He filled the likes of me, then your gift is secure.

Can I get a witness that His Word is true?
If you can confirm it, how about an amen or two?

Shout with the voice of triumph, all in one accord,
Clap hands all ye people and give praise to the Lord!

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