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TestimonyGod has always been so faithful.  I usually don’t get everything that I want, but I always get all that I need, and this month was no exception. Typically the Winter months here in Maine are very slow work-wise for me, as a self-employed individual. The first half of this month was especially difficult.  However, everyday we have a roof over our head, clothes on our back and food to eat.

At the beginning of this week I was able to earn some income to help see us through.  On Monday evening after a long day, as I drove back into town, I noticed that my battery light in my pickup had come on.  I decided to try to make it to an auto parts store to see if the could put a meter on it and tell me if it was the alternator, which is what I suspected.  I got there just in time, they were closing in a few minutes.  It turned out that indeed it was my alternator and a new one was going to cost $165. I believe that the Lord kept that bad alternator going until virtually the very moment that I had the money to replace it (Blessing #1). Not only that, but He allowed me to make it to the auto parts store before they closed (Blessing #2). I was able to get it diagnosed and purchase a new one which was in stock (Blessing #3), within minutes of closing.

After I paid for the alternator I asked them what it would cost to charge up my battery so that I could make it home, which was another 10 miles.  It was now dark and a rainy night as well, so the battery had to be able to have enough of a charge to keep the headlights and the wipers running all the way home. They told me that it would take about a half hour to charge it up, and the cost would be about $18.  However, they said that was not possible because the store was closing in 10 minutes.  Then he said that they would just put the charger on for that amount of time and at least I would get a partial battery charge (Blessing #4).

The battery is rated at 675 cold cranking amps at full charge had now 610 amps on it, so I was not too bad.  As it turned out the man that was helping me stayed late, past store closing (Blessing #5) and charged it up to full capacity, and did not charge me anything to do so (Blessing #6). Now I just had to make it home.

It was a cold rainy night, which was not a good time to be broken down on the side of the road, and with no AAA. I made it home without a hitch (Blessing #7) and pulled into my driveway and under the porch light where I could see to do the work.

It just so happened that when I arrived home, now at about 8:00 p.m., my son-in-law was there picking up my grandson, who was being watched by his grandmother for the day. This was a rare event, and typically he would have picked him up on the way home right after work.  This time he went and spent some time home first.

What was special about this is that my son-in-law is a mechanic, who offered to do the work to put in the new alternator.  He did it in just a few minutes having done it many times before (Blessing #8).

God is Faithful and Good.  I thank him for His blessings and I knew that when I rose up this morning that the Lord was going to take care of me.

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