The Pastor’s Got Warts!

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©2015 Stan Hallett

Before I begin I must insert a disclaimer. I use some terms in this article that may have broader definition in the minds of those within the realm of what is called “Orthodox Christianity”.  When I use the term “Christian” I am not referring to the broad definition that is generally accepted. The term Christian generally means followers of Christ.  A better definition would be that a Christian is one that 1.) Has a correct understanding of who Jesus was and is. 2.) Is obedient to the His Word. 3.) Has obeyed the Gospel, and 4.) Continues in the faith.

Many that proclaim to be Christians do not know who Jesus was and is, are not obedient to the Word of God, and have not obeyed the Gospel.  In fact many, if not most that claim to be Christians do not know what the Gospel is, nor have they obeyed it.

People have interesting concepts of what they feel the Church is, and how they relate to their local assembly. I suppose a lot of it has to do with our culture.

In the beginning there was only one assembly in a population area that was reachable by walking to on the meeting day.  Christians generally became knit into their local assembly.  They couldn’t go Church shopping and bouncing around like so many Christians do today.

It is important that you become knit into the Church, your local assembly of One God Christians who believe, preach and teach the same doctrine that the Apostles taught in the book of Acts.

As time goes by and you begin to get knit into your local assembly you will begin to find that people are not perfect, even true Christians.  We all have flesh, all have ups an downs, good days and bad. This is where your walk with the Lord may be tested.

I often have said that it is impossible to offend a person that is full of the Holy Ghost, and I can prove it. If you have received the gift of the Holy Ghost, then think back to the day that you were were filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke with other tongues.  Were you upset with anyone?  Did you hate anyone?  No way!  You loved everybody!  You were full of the Holy Ghost!

I have observed with many assemblies that the pastor often treats his home as a sanctuary, a place where he can relax and not be concerned about every word he says, and every thing that he does. He has learned from experience that one wrong statement or act can offend people and cause them to leave and go somewhere else. This is wrong.

Yes, those in leadership positions need to be examples to the flock. However, we need to also understand that these men are also human, are imperfect, can make mistakes, and do and/or say the wrong things on a occasion.  We as saints need to forgive others as we desire to be forgiven.

No pastor, missionary, evangelist, deacon, elder, or saint of God is perfect and always does and says the right thing 100% of the time.  Any pastor will tell you that there have been times when they spoke when they which they could have pulled those words back into their mouth.  Are any of us any different?

I do my best to always give grace and not be offended.  That does not mean that I do not recognize an offense. Here is an opportunity for you to rather than be offended and take negative action, but rather to go to that Sister of Brother and take positive action. Does not Jesus say; “Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother” (Matthew 18:15)?

As you become knit into a body you should be growing spiritually.  As you draw closer to people, including those in leadership, and if you are walking closely with the Lord, you will find more and more opportunities to minister to all saints, including those that minister.

Stop bouncing around assembly to assembly, and stop Church shopping!  If the basic and fundamental doctrine is right, then get knit it and serve right where you are at!  The more issues and the more problems there are, the more opportunity to serve. Isn’t that what you asked the Lord for?  A place where you can be used?

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