To Mom and Dad at Christmas

©2014 Stan Hallett

An Actual Ad Placed on Craigslist, Portland, Maine – December 14, 2014:

“Hello, I know this is a very long shot. I’m very desperate and don’t know where to turn. I’m a single mom who has fallen on some very hard times. And I was trying to find some places that may help me give my children a Christmas this year. All places I’ve contacted for Christmas help have closed deadlines for the season. If there is anyone who knows of any places in Portland that may help I would be very grateful for the information. Thank you and Merry Christmas”


childDear Mom,

I know you are very sad at this time of year because you do not have the money to buy me the Christmas presents that you would like me to have.  I know that you feel that you have failed me as a parent somehow because that seems to be what everyone does this time of year.

I just wanted you to know that even though I have many wants as any child would, I don’t need one single store-bought gift, a tree in the living room, lights decorating our house, or holiday treats, or any of that.

What I need is food for sustenance, clean clothes to wear, a warm house and safe place to lay my head at night. What I need more than anything is your love, and to know that you love me.

What I need is my mom and dad loving me and loving each other as example to me of what love is.  What I need is to be raised in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. I need to know who Jesus is, but not so much that He was born, but rather that He died and laid down His life for me, that I might have eternal life.

Will I be a little sad when I see my friends get nice toys this time of year? Yes, I probably will.  But at the end of it all, if I am loved, and if I get the things that really matter, then you have not failed me at all and I will be blessed beyond measure.

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